More New Stuff

Since the cave painting project is developing in a satisfactory manor, I've decided to keep working in that vein. So here is a post of my next painting (in progress) in the same series.

Oil, lacquer, wood glue and sand on wood panel. Roughly 3' by 4'. The center part will eventually have a railroad track, receding into the horizon. I also might add a small amount of text or words/numbers but nothing as overtly narrative as the previous painting. I will also be doing, at least, a third painting in this series. I have not started it yet, but it will be my fifth and final painting for my painting class this semester. I'll make sure to put up a post for that painting as well. And again, please leave feedback. I'd love to hear your opinion.


  1. Well, how did your 1:12 formula work out?

  2. Bo, I already answered you in person, but for those who may be interested:

    I had to do math, actual math, to make this painting work. It hurt my head. Algebra. Took me 3 hours but eventually I figured out how to get the correct ratio to make the railroad tracks recede mathematically correct. Then after I had everything drawn out on the surface, I used an angle grinder to gouge out the gravel area, thereby loosing my exact measurements. But it was necessary to get it accurate, before I (intentially) messed it up.