Plastic, latex, sand, dirt, glue, straw, solder, oil on wood frame.

Westward Expansion, 200f

Oil, sand, charcoal and railroad spike on wood. 48" by 32".

Westward Expansion III, 200e

Oil, sand and glue on wood. 48" by 48".

Westward Expansion II, 200d

Oil, sand, lacquer, glue and distressed masonite on wood. 32" by 48".


Relic, 500a

This is a piece I made for a fundraiser that opens Friday, Feb. 4th at 7pm. It's at Rio Rita Cafe, 1308 East Sixth Street, Austin, Texas.

The fundraiser is for a documentary about all things VHS. Yeah, I know, who would have ever thought of such a thing? The concept behind Relic (which is probably different then the view of the filmmakers) is that VHS is now totally archaic and useless. The only thing left to do with a VHS tape is to take it apart and make a useless object out of it; in other words, make art out of it.

Magnetic tape, sand, glue, oil, canvas and wood. 15" x 19" x 5"