Monumental at UTSA Satellite Space and New Website

I'm in a group show titled Monumental that opened last night at UTSA Satellite Space in San Antonio. The show features 8 artists all who came out of the BFA program at Texas State University and all of the work is large. It's an honor to show with these other excellent artists and on top of that Monumental is the inaugural exhibition for the new gallery space in the Say Si building. Info for exhibition can be found here. The link only mentions the opening that was on the 3rd. There's also an exhibition on October 4th from 6-9pm for First Fridays in San Antonio.

In other news my new website is almost ready to go and any day now danielbernardgray.com will no longer go to this blogspot location. If you're reading this now be sure to check back in a few days to see the new site. Here's a few images of my work in Monumental:

In Defense of the Freedom That Is Our Birthright
on three panels displayed at 90 x 140 inches.

If We Do Not Want to Die Together in War We Must Learn to Live Together in Peace
85 x 42 x 16 inches


Enduring Freedom

Enduring Freedom, 2013
Concrete without rebar, heat resistant paint, concrete stain, sand and cinder blocks


You Will Never See This Coming

This is the video that was part of my December 2012 exhibition at Zosima Gallery. Both the show and the video were titled You Will Never See This Coming. Here is a link to the video on YouTube:

You Will Never See This Coming

Currently the video is part of a group show titled Mind Into Matter at the Gallery of the Common Experience at Texas State University. The following text accompanies the video in the gallery:

In August of 2011, I found out that I had a tumor in my right-fourth rib. Three long and uncertain months followed before the diagnosis arrived: it was benign. I had dodged a bullet. (For those interested, it was a non-sessile osteochondroma). During this time, much of my art was becoming increasingly inward in focus, which was unusual since I prefer to address issues that exist outside of myself. I made paintings that depicted what the tumor might look like. Some of them were accurate reproductions of tumors from medical texts; others were grotesque imaginations of the “corrosive lesion” that I had been told was inside of me.

After the diagnosis came in, I found that my attention was returning to the outward, and I was much less interested in my own medical and emotional state. However, I did not want to abandon these expressive paintings. I needed to find a way to bridge these two different modes of thought the inward and the outward.

Looking over my research from that period of limbo, when I was considering the very real possibility that I had cancer, I was struck by two phrases that kept showing up over and over again: the War on Cancer and the War on Terror.
Cancer must be attacked aggressively and with the full onslaught of everything that is available. Terrorism is a cancer that must be cut out and destroyed.
I decided to continue the series by creating a body of work that dealt with the problems that arise when the two terms are used as analogues for each other. But 20 paintings into the series, they were obviously split between the War on Cancer and the War on Terror, and the two halves were not coalescing.

Several months later, after I had surgery to remove the tumor (along with 3 inches of rib), I devised the solution of literally intermingling these two different wars in one video. I appropriated footage from various sources, including Wikileaks, the U.S. military and medical websites. I also included videos that I took in my hospital room while recovering from the surgery. The final video bridges the gap between the War on Terror paintings and the War on Cancer paintings, uniting them visually and metaphorically.

New Work - Paintings

With the exception of the first image, these are all new paintings:

New Work - Photography

It's been a while since I've posted anything to the blog, my apologies! In fact this blog is soon on its way out, to be replaced by a real, non-blog website. That website is currently under construction - we hope to break the champagne bottle over it in the next month or two. But in the meantime...new work:

Untitled Horizon Line, 1
Digital Photograph

Untitled Horizon Line,2
Digital Photograph

Untitled Horizon Line,3
Digital Photograph

Untitled Horizon Line, 4
Digital Photograph

Untitled Horizon Line, 5
Digital Photograph