Untitled, 100j

Ink, sharpie and watercolor on paper. 22" by 30"


  1. I like this one, too.


  2. I vote we do a trading of art, I want this one.
    -Hannah E.

  3. I try not to second guess myself too much, especially in art, but I'm gonna second guess my decision to essentially destroy this piece. Yes, this piece sadly is no longer with us. But due to popular demand (I've had alot of people tell me they like this one) I'm bringing it back from the dead and will give it brothers and sisters too.

    I didn't destroy it but I have heavily textured and stained and painted and abused the paper to turn it into something similar to 100c. Why did I do this? Before I messed with it, it was 8 years old and I knew that it was good but I thought that it didn't look like something that I would look into further. In 8 years it hadn't grown on me so I figured I'd use it as a base for something more in keeping with what I was currently working on. In retrospect that was a bad decision.

    But this piece will return.